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Posted on: February 14, 2011
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I recently reviewed The One Minute Presenter by Warwick John Fahy.  His book gives eight steps to present business lectures in a short attention span world.  He explains that the information age bombards us with information.  We have learned to digest quickly.  Our TV shows and movies now have constantly changing angles.  Mobile devices compete for our attention.  We have a demand for a constant stream of information.  Even our consumer choices are overwhelming.  Our working style has become all about increased production.  The anxiety that comes with this stress and lack of time can mean that we aren’t always thinking about the subject at hand.

Executive speaking coach, Stephanie Scotti explains that presenting is all about engaging your audience.  I have decided to share some of her favorite tips to get you thinking about your audience and how you engage…or not.

Lesson #1: Whenever you are speaking, eye contact throughout your presentation is absolutely essential. Pick out someone (perhaps a colleague or a person you just met), look at him or her for a few seconds, then move on to someone in another part of the room. The rule of thumb for skilled speakers is 90% direct, roving, and continuous eye contact.

Lesson #2: Your audience can always detect when you are reading. This type of mindless presentation invites your listeners to tune out sooner rather than later. Make every effort to “think the thought” and stay personally engaged in your message.

Lesson # 3: Smiling is a basic yet powerful gesture that communicates your approachability to listeners.

Non-verbal skills like eye contact, engagement, and smiling are just as important as the content of your message. Often, these skills make the difference between connecting with your audience on a personal level and having them mentally reviewing their to-do lists while you’re speaking. It’s an easy way to make sure listening to you is at the top of that list.

If you want to learn more about really connecting with your audience, consider getting in on the best Stephanie has to offer with her seminar which will be held on February 24th.  It is part of this collection of the best in marketing for the legal nurse consultant.

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One Response to “Engage Your Audience”

  1. Good advice from Stephanie on how to connect with delivery skills. The next step is to think about how to engage your audience by slicing and dicing your content in a way that they will be able to easily digest. So every audience should receive a slightly different intrepretation of your message.

    All the best,
    Warwick John Fahy
    Author, The One Minute Presenter

    PS You can learn more from our Speech Analysis section where we dissect speeches and let you know what makes them great and how they could be improved at http://www.oneminutepresenter.com/speech-analysis/

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