Dr. Randeep Mann Found Guilty of Bombing

Posted on: August 9, 2010
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Dr. Randeep Mann was found guilty of orchestrating a bombing that severely injured the chairman of the Arkansas State Medical Board; Dr. Trent Pierce. Mann was also found guilty of obstructing the investigation, possessing nearly 100 grenades found partially buried in a wooded area next to his London, Ark. home in Pope County and possessing an unregistered machine gun. He was found innocent of one count of possession of unregistered shotgun.

Dr. Mann was one of five doctors who had recently been before the board before the bombing too place. Mann’s permit to prescribe controlled substances was suspended in 2006 after complaints that he was overprescribing painkillers.

A spare tire had been booby trapped with a grenade and left against Dr. Pierce’s car. When the tire was moved, the blast severely injured Dr. Pierce resulting in loss of his left eye, damaging his face, his hearing and his sense of smell, fracturing an arm and a leg and sending debris into his abdomen.

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